Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Palin 2008

Last night Denise and I has the opportunity to attend a "Road to Victory Rally" with Sarah Palin in Elko Nevada. The event was held at the Elko High School.

Elko High School Gym

The evening began at around 6:30pm (November 3, 2008) when we decided to head over to Elko High School to get in line for the event. The published time for the doors to open was 8:00 pm. When we arrived there was two lines with about 100 people in each. We waited, talked, enjoyed watching others and talking politics. Shortly after 8:00 pm we entered the Gym through Secret Service screening and began to enjoy a seat, company, music by the EHS Band with some dancing from the EHS Cheerleaders. This went on for over two hours before Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska arrived into the community by jet.

EHS Cheerleaders

When she (Gov. Palin) arrived she was introduced by the Mayor of Elko and her entourage included herself and husband Todd. Also with them were his and her parents, Sarah's brother and the Secret Service gang. Sarah's dad spoke first and he said very little but to the point. He said... " at age 12 I taught Sarah how to field dress a moose, tomorrow she will field dress a donkey".

We got home about 12:30 am in the morning. Great evening in Elko. Go McCain/Palin 2008. Here are some pictures from the evening...

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