Sunday, June 29, 2008

First Entry

It Sunday morning & I am ready for church. I tried to review my children's Blogs but was denied by two of them. So, I decied to create my own.

Denise and I spent last week traveling the Sweetwater River area of Wyoming with the youth from our Stake. We spent two days at Martin's Cove, one day at the Willie Center (Six Crossings) and then the last day at Rock Creek Hollow. What an experience, 38+ miles over the three days with handcart in tow over the Mormon Trail. Even though it was not late October, the feelings of the Willie & Martin Handcart Companies was present.

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Melarie Wheat said...

we did one of these when I was in YW as well. It was really cool to read about the places and then to actually be there and see what they wrote about.